Watercolor and Doodles

I recently bought new brushes from Raphaël, a french brush company established since 1793. The Company prospered despite the uncertainties during the Revolution, the Empire and the Restauration until this century. I used to tell myself I was never good at coloring especially in  watercolor. I didn’t have good marks at school or during my life as architecture student. My grade in arts was never on the top with others talented students. Until I bought the “right” tools these days, I felt like I could break those boundaries, those thoughts, and keep exploring and trying. Here are series of my doodles and watercolor with Raphaël on my sketch book.

tumblr_nwzdiwoIRT1r2r6h5o1_1280    IMG_20151008_185905tumblr_nwtlatWFgb1r2r6h5o1_1280tumblr_nw8y2dxKga1r2r6h5o1_1280  tumblr_nx2v3x8D8v1r2r6h5o1_1280 IMG_20151030_133534IMG_20151003_162744


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