Revisiting Batik Parang

Batik Parang is one of the oldest batik pattern in Indonesia. The word ‘parang’ derived from ‘pereng’ which means reef. Batik Parang was onced prohibited to be worn only by the royal familes of  Yogyakarta and Surakarta.  Traditional Batik Parang from Yogyakarta consisted of slanting parallel rows of dagger like segments, arranged repetitively on contrasting colours of cream white, brown and indigo.  The characteristic curved lines of Parang could also be translated as waves in the sea, symbolising the power and greatness of nature.


Here I’m trying to translate and simplify the ‘nature’ of Batik Parang pattern in a fun and cheerful way.



My designs  are now available in soft 100% Micro­Modal®  scarves by ShopVida, a fash­ion com­pany based out of San Fran­cisco where the scarves made in Pakistan. Pop up to my page at


And also some producst in Society6

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