Revisiting Batik Kawung

Geometric patterns were introduced since the 8th century which was found in Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta. The history of Batik itself can be traced through historical temples and kingdom in Central Java centuries ago where it reached its peak during Majapahit era. Patterns in Batik have its own meaning and symbol. Originated from Yogyakarta, Batik Kawung symbolizes the hope for human being to always remember their origin.

kawang batik

The kawung pattern is oval, resembling the kawung fruit (a kind of palm), and arrange in a neat geometric patern. Its geometry consists of intersecting circles. The circles may also be embellished with small crosses. Sometimes this motif is also interpreted as the lotus flower with four split petals. The lotus flowers symbolizes long life and purity. The intersecting circles that was formed by the four split petals signify that four cardinal directions/points are needed to achieve wisdom enlightenment.

Here I’m trying to translate the old traditional Indonesian Batik Kawung pattern into a new language by simplifying the geometric form and filled it with cheerful colors.

kawung print scree

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