I did not believe in love at first sight until I met you



You came visiting me today in hospital with sad face. I asked you why, and you said you’re afraid mama and papa won’t play with you anymore once the babies (I’m having twins) arrive. I feel like having stabbed on my chest, how come this 3 years old toddler could have that thought. Of course I explained you that won’t happen.

Suddenly I remember that I regretted it the time when I went back to work, I have been missing moments with you. I knew deep inside that this moments with the little you won’t come back. And just by looking at old photos or videos means nothing than treasuring the moments with you. The flashbacks when you started to run and when we played run chasing suddenly came to my head, I miss your little giggles.

You grow so fast. Tomorrow you are a little older than today. I want to embrace these little moments, to study your face, small fingers, little toes, to smell and touch you, pay attention to the small things because one day I will eventually realize that these small things are big things. I stopped from my work and started to focus on you. Yes I didn’t believe in love at first sight before until I met you. I realized it’s so amazing how God could teach me how to love unconditionally from his little gift. He gave me a new meaning to life, a new purpose, something so precious that your papa and I have to take care of and give a lot of love.

I hope you will treasure this book. I made it during my stay in hospital. You kept asking papa to tell the story over and over again. And even when you become a grown-up one day you could tell these to your own children.

to my children,
With love

Your mother


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