My little book


I was inspired by The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, a story about a girl who couldn’t read and therefore she stole books during nazi occupancy in WWII and in the end she made her own book.


Okay I won’t tell any spoiler but since I’ve been staying in this hospital room for almost a month I decided to make my own personal little book to tell stories to my children while waiting for my twins to arrive. Yes, I’ve got so many free times while bed resting. But I can only use my right hand to work and only when they stopped and took out the perfusion or the drip from my right hand.

I’ve completed the part one (for now) and my husband read it to my son whenever they visit me in the hospital and my son loves it. He kept asking his dad to repeat the story many times. Here is a bit from my sketchbook (pardon the imperfection, I’m still an amateur).



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