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Tourist Shot User Manual

Collab graphic works made in 2011 with my husband who is a photographer as a hobby, having seen typical tourist pose in some specific tourist area inspired us to make a pictogram of it, between travel and photography. We submitted it for Threadless and GAP, we had quite high score but too bad they didn’t pick it in the end.

tourist shot manual presentation

My friend just brought it up to me this evening that this picture has been circulated everywhere in people’s wall in Facebook. Quite surprised, never thought it could be famous but a bit upset when someone mis-use it and take fortune of it without appreciating the designer.

If you guys like my artwork, it’s available here in Society 6.

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17 thoughts on “Tourist Shot User Manual

  1. clever graphics and totally sell-able.

  2. This is hilarious, I love it! :) I am sorry to hear it was circulated without proper sourcing: I think a lot of people assumes that everything on the internet is free!! I had not seen it before, but if I will come across it on social networks I will definitely post a comment with a link to your site.

  3. Becky Leung on said:

    i love it and would repost onto our page, of coz, will leave a source “m a . m o i . z e l l e”.

  4. hahaha great ideas i should try them :)

  5. Hello Femmy,
    we liked very much your creating and couldn’t resist post it on our FB page. Our users are loving it. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=531306473605875&set=a.189332894469903.46075.158424590894067 If you want us to remove it let me know.

    • Hi Ereid, thanks for sharing my design! Sure you are welcomed to share it and I would be forever grateful if you could put the credit/ my name on it. The source is here

      • Absolutely! In fact we always give credit to the artist unless it is something we did create. :)
        Thank you very much.

  6. Hey) Great job! And i wonder what is on 9th one? The Earth. Is it some sight (point of interest) too? Cause i know nothing like it ((

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