Autocad is my buddy

Who said you can’t draw other things than buildings or floor plan with autocad 😉


9 thoughts on “Autocad is my buddy

  1. I used autocad to do architectural stuff, my profession is architect but now I do more of graphic designs artworks, and books for children in my free-time. I studied french in Alliance Française. I think I could connect more with people with graphic designs, illustrations and books. After years and years of experience and life in architecture made me lost of ‘human’ touch, as architecure in real life is just merely business, cost cutting, pleasing the clients. I’d like to do/ create something that makes people happy and smile. Thanks for visiting! I’m so glad I could inspire and help people

  2. I have the same situation- have learned Autocad as an architect student, but now I’m using it for every other stuff. Make it in Autocad and then finished in Illustrator or something like that. Great job by the way!

    • Yes! I do the same way as you, my hands are too much familiar with autocad commands so it’ll be much faster to do any drafting/drawing, then finish in illustrator and photoshop to add some texture/effects 😀

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