What I Wore Today

It’s suicidal, I know. Wearing a pump in winter strolling along parisian streets, got my feet exposed in winter wind especially when it was 0°C in the morning. But I survived, I cheated because I was wearing odlo sous-vetement inside my clothes. These clothes were especially made for skiing or going up to the mountain or even going to the north pole. Whenever I walk I could really feel hot air coming down from my trousers to my feet, it’s like you have an integrated heater system inside your clothes. Will be using this technique again for sure esp. when everyone is wearing boots or sneaker and suddenly you miss wearing your colorful summer shoes.


2 thoughts on “What I Wore Today

  1. Woaaaaaaaa! Tes illustrations sont vraiment belles! j’adore ton style, les couleurs, le crayonné! Mais…Vraiment, j’aime beaucoup! I’ll be sure to check your stuff from time to time! Keep it up!… Right up!

    • Merciiii François! J’ai visité ton blog et j’aime bcp ton style! Very strong character with play of lines. Reminded me of Hugo Pratt, my fav guy! T’as déjà fait un BD? so cool! Moi aussi une illustratrice autodidacte

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