Après.. anything!

I was looking for Snow Boots to go to mountain in winter and to go strolling around the city when it snows or rainy. I was meditating between these brands Ugg, Moonboots, and I ended up with Sorel, a canadian shoe brand. I chose them due to technical reason, it can goes until -40°C and the sole that “bites”. I bought a pair of Caribou Peatmoss color. I love the beige one but I think almost everyone has this color.


The cool thing is that they come with separate inserts that you could easily take it in and out. You can even wear the inserts inside the house as ‘chausson’ to keep your feet warm while maintaining the heat and wear it with the boots once you want to go out. Also it’s easy to remove when you want to dry up the inserts after walking outside and let the boots and the inserts get dried separately. Make sure you buy half size larger than your normal size due to the inserts, the ‘room’ inside the boots also allows the air  to keep your feet warm.


Other Sorel I like is the Joan of Arctic. Looks more girly, city wear, and goes well with leggings and skinny jeans, but I’m a bit doubt I could easily wear it with a ski pants, but nonetheless they are adorable.


The other Sorel boots that looks like the Caribou is the 1964 Pac, the classic one. The only difference is the logo, the sole, and slightly lower price.



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