IKEA Personal Designer

We found this website BEMZ par hasard, my husband and I were looking for IKEA textile furniture cover for our IKEA Klappsta armchair. It’s been 3 years and our-poor-white-armchair-cover is now all covered with our son’s artworks. It’s not a good idea to have white furnitures at home if you have children, although in first place I love anything monochromed black and white.

We were looking for such furniture cover in IKEA website but we could not find it, perhaps they don’t sell it anymore but suddenly we ended up to this website when we googled the name IKEA and KLAPPSTA. This company offers a wide range choices of textiles and they could custom make all of these fabrics into any of IKEA furniture. I was a bit sceptical at first because we could not justify any material from the monitor screen but the coolest part is you could order a FREE sample. I ordered some free samples last week and yesterday it just arrived.





I would choose the textured gray one.



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