Review on Zatchels

My friend wanted to order a duck-egg-blue pastel, however due to high demand the stock is finished the day before when we wanted to order it. I suggested her to get baby-blue Zatchels pastel collection. After two weeks the order finally arrived! Personally I prefer Zatchels’s baby blue color, it’s a true baby-blue, not greenish, not greyish.

+ What I love from Zatchels is that it comes with detachable shoulder strap and you could request the bag with a handle. I love the handle, is really practical especially if you’re tired carrying your satchel with your shoulder. If only Zatchels sells a range of colorful shoulder strap separately, that could be a plus point.

– What I don’t really like is the location of the label brand on front pocket and the stitches on the top flap. It’s quite subjective but it depends on the taste of every person. For me I don’t find the function of the stitches of the front pocket, perhaps it serves a purpose aesthetically as a character of the brand.

baby blue pastel satchel

detail of the handle

detachable shoulder strap

brand label on the front pocket


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