Limited Editions Cambridge Satchel

The satchel fever is spreading everywhere and almost everyone I know has it. Summer holiday is over now it’s time to go to work, or study. ASOS offers a wide range of limited edition of Cambridge Satchels with different colors than those on their website. I just ordered mine in tangerine range color, it’s a one tone down from the fluorescent orange series. Can’t wait to see and hold it.

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4 thoughts on “Limited Editions Cambridge Satchel

  1. Love satchels. Timeless classics. But with this new influx of bright leathers, they are just so ‘now’! 🙂

  2. I bought myself I tri-colored one. Cobalt blue, black and white. I guess it was thought of with Falls hottest trend cobalt blue in mind, it is so NOW its ridiculous! WHere I found it they actually call it Oxford BLue, I guess it sounds more British 😉
    I got mine in America but it is made in Britain. I have both Cambridge Satch and this one from I am in LUST with it!

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