Review on Cambridge Satchels

Started to look for a new sling bag last year on January 2011 and thanks to Google I found The Cambridge Satchel Company. It appeared in many blogs so after reading the reviews I decided to get one, and then one, and another one. I posted the photos on facebook and some of my friends started to buy it also. Surprised that now it’s getting popular all over the world and almost everyone has it.

11″ yellow satchel on first day

the satchels

Three satchels, different characteristic, different feel

Anyways, I feel that I need to somehow write a review about it (being the loyal customer and after almost 2 years wearing it everyday) but hey these ARE the bag that I’ve been looking for my entire life. It wont make any difference with Hermes or Chanel or LV but you could wear these satchels at metro/ subways/ taking bus/ travelling because I believe in packed train/metro it won’t make you any difference if you’re carry thousand dollars bag.

Ok here’s the review:

1. It’s handmade, so don’t expect it to be made perfectly. There could be some flaw, but if the flaw is really bad then you should contact the customer service.

some flaws on my 11″ yellow satchel, but hey nobody notice it

2. They are not the same type of leather, some are harder, some are softer. So don’t anyhow hang your pens/ any sharp things because these babies are so easy to get scratched.

pen marks on the leather

3. Darker color satchels have textures while the light ones are smooth.

4. The buckle, you have to literally buckle and unbuckle it.

5. The interior color some of the bag is not the same as the outside part, and it depends to the color of satchels. Lighter color satchels and neon colors interior side normally brown color on the inside. While red/black/navy/purple/pink colors are stained as per the colors outside, perhaps due to the coloring process.

inside my yellow/neon satchels

inside my red satchel

6. After years, the leather doesn’t get soft over times.

When shopping online we can’t hold, see, or inspect the articles and we pretty much rely on photos. So I hope these info will help you before finally click the payment online. Conclusion, these satchels are worth having for as they are made by the finest quality of English leather, handmade, timeless, and classic. That’s the reasons why I love these babies.


5 thoughts on “Review on Cambridge Satchels

  1. They look gorgeous. I’ve read that colour transfers to clothing though! Have u experienced this? It’s the only thing putting me off.

    • Hi Kelly, I’ve got 4 of them now: classic yellow, classic red, blue pastel and tangerine one. Wearing it everyday to work and also in the weekend but I didn’t experience any colour transfering to my clothing though, none of them. They are gorgeous, I always receive many compliments for people. Which one is yours?

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